CPU Story - Chapter Six

Here is the Sixth chapter of the CPU Enterprises Story which was originally sent in the CPU Autumn 2009 Newsletter - emailed out to customers on 23.11.09. Written by Peter

In the last Chapter CPU had been almost dormant for a few years with little [try none - Dianne] input from me.

This was shortly to change, having been made redundant I was now looking for a new challenge, not as easy as you may think. Nobody wanted a middle aged man who had had two major heart operations and by now had one or two other health problems as well. This was very frustrating for me as I had loads of ideas for the future of CPU but even the bank did not want to know.

Then fate once again took control.

Dianne was still with the John Lewis Partnership in the Haberdashery and Yarn department. She loved being among customers and spent as much time as she could helping them overcome their knitting problems. In her spare time she still knitted garments and included an Actor among her Jumper Lovers - not sure he was famous though and unfortunately Dianne can't remember his name.

Part of her job was ordering the Pattern Leaflets and this became useful in the next chapter as she made good friends with the Sirdar Rep at that time. Unfortunately she did have a few problems; one was with the Yarn Buyer for the whole of JLP who insisted on ordering in 'posh' yarn which did not go down well with the customers in Peterborough at the time. This was a frustration that helped to push her into the next chapter.

The final problem was something that still plagues her today - her bad back. The doctor advised her to find a job where she could sit down at least some of the time, but the official JLP policy was that all partners were to stand. However they did give her special permission to sit on a stool when not busy - we like to think that her knowledge of yarn and knitting was too valuable to lose. But in fairness to the other staff in the department she decided to leave and reluctantly gave in her notice.

This is just about where DKY was born. Lots of her customer's and colleagues at JLP suggested that with her knowledge and skills she ought to find a shop to sell wool herself.

This is sort of what we did next - more next time.

Chapter Seven of the CPU Enterprises Story

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