CPU Story - Chapter Five

Here is the Fifth chapter of the CPU Enterprises Story which was originally sent in the CPU Summer 2009 Newsletter - emailed out to customers on 25.08.09. Written by Peter

Those of you that regularly read our newsletters will know what is coming next, and to first time readers - please prepare to be bored. Yes it's the final part of the brief history of CPU Enterprises.

Following my first major heart operation (thank you Papworth) we found ourselves once again back to square one, however we were fortunate that Dianne still had her job at Holland and Barret. But it was a very hard time for her with a full time job, looking after me, two growing [naughty] girls plus still knitting and selling garments. Not once did she complain - thanks Love.

At thirty nine years old I was still a young man so it came as a bitter blow to be told I could not continue in the Building trade. I had to find a new purpose in life and earn some money. I was lucky enough to be re-trained as a precision grinder in Engineering and was offered the opportunity to help the instructors at the Letchworth Skill Centre to formulate the first instruction programme for CNC programming used in skill centres. I was proud (and still am) of this achievement and certificate. I don't have many qualifications so please forgive this self indulgence.

This gave me another new starting point and the confidence to face the rest of my life without the heavy work I was so used to. Thank you Letchworth.

Things once again began to improve with Dianne changing jobs by joining the John Lewis Partnership in the new Queensgate Centre (that I had been helping to build before the Op) and best of all she was in the Wool Department.

I got a job with a new company programming a drilling machine which made circuit boards and I worked my way up to General Manager over the next few years. During that time I did have to have my 4 heart bypasses renewed at Papworth again but by now the operation was not quite so life threatening and the company were able to keep me on.

Then, here we go again, the owners of the company sold out to an American who promptly closed the factory and made everyone redundant. Back to square one? Not quite as Dianne was still working at JLP.

So was that the sad ending of the CPU Story? Well not quite - sorry to fib about it being the last part - CPU was actually shelved for those few years and part 2 of the final chapter will follow next time along with the creation of DKY.

I guess it's about time I let on that CPU stands for CHARLES PETER UNDERWOOD. Quite a few of you guessed correctly, but what you do not know is that I really, REALLY cannot stand the name Charles, so call me that at your peril !!

Next time, the final chapter of the CPU story - don't worry - the DKY Story will continue shortly after.

Chapter Six of the CPU Enterprises Story

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