Update 2022

What a couple of years we have all had, hopefully we are getting to the end of it now, or at least learning to live with it 😷

We thought it was about time we gave an update on Diane and Peter, the founders of CPU Enterprises and Dianne's Knitting Yarns.

In 2021 they both turned 80 and had their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. The rules on gatherings at the time of their 60th Anniversary meant no big party, but we did have a family gathering. Indoor parties were not allowed then so we had an outdoor one on the Peterborough Embankment. They were on the boat so it made it quite an easy thing to do and meant we could get away from the crowds by going right to the end of the Embankment.

All the immediate family was there, 9 in total, plus 2 of their boating friends. We had a BBQ which the men did (traditional) and lots of presents. They also had a card from the Queen which made Peter fill up 😂

During Covid19 they kept away from people, which made work a bit harder, but we worked it out. We had a lot of Skype Calls to keep in touch, which they do still do a bit now. Luckily they have been able to not get Covid at all, Peter is not sure how he would cope if he did get it with all his ailments. Dawn and her family did catch it in January 2021, which meant closing the business for a few weeks. Carole's Daughter has caught it twice in 2022 so far, she works in a Primary School. She isolates in her room and we close the office for a few days until we are sure she has not passed it on to Carole - which luckily she has not. 

We have heard from a lot of customers who have said knitting kept them going during the pandemic. We certainly did get busy for a while during the main lockdowns, so it probably kept a lot of people busy 😃

We have also heard from a couple of customers who have had Covid, they said knitting kept them sane during their isolation. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected by Covid19.

There are lots of other behind the scenes posts available - just choose one from the list at the side 😃

We hope you have found something in our blog interesting. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know.

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