We hope customers and friends will visit here for news about all the staff at DKY and to read the full story behind CPU Enterprises.

For a while we told the CPU Enterprises story via our Quarterly Newsletters but many customers wanted to hear more. So here we are.

We have now put the full story on here and included links to stories which go deeper.

To find all the next chapters of the story please check out the Pages List - perhaps start with the Overview


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would test the site for you.Its a good idea and I hope people will share ideas and hints

Jude said...

Comments seem to be working fine now - look forward to reading more

F Capocci said...


I am thoroughly enjoying the story of DKY/CPU and although I sent you an email expressing this, I thought I would add my sentiments here too. I look forward to the Autumn Newsletter.

Rachel said...

yes, i'm enjoying the 'story' too, very much looking forward to next week's exciting instalment!

Tinkerbell said...

I am really enjoying the CPU story. I like to know who I'm buying from, and the story behind the yarn store. I did something similar with the ballet shop... so perhaps I should write the Ballet Shop story too!! What an idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your 15 Balls of Stylecraft MARRAKECH #1158 Seaspray listed on your website.
I thought I had ordered and even put my Card information to purchase this item.
Please let me know if I am still able to purchase this order.
Janine Applegate

CPU Enterprises said...

I have checked our orders over the last few days and have not found any for your name or for that yarn.
The only thing I can suggest is that you did not hit the final order button needed to place the order fully. If you did not get to the exit page which gave you an order id then your order did not go through.
Please order again or email the office via the contact page on the website www.knitone.co.uk.
When you have ordered or replied we will delete these comments.

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