Update 2014

We have had many customers ask after the health of Peter now after all the problems he documented in the CPU History Posts. 

In 2011 both Peter and Dianne turned 70 and celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. We had a great evening meal with lots of their friends and family. We created a couple of picture boards for them with photos of their childhood and throughout their life. These were a big hit, with everyone chipping in memories during the evening. 

We have had a couple of good years since then with very few health problems except the normal aches and pains. 

The downturn in the economy has had quite a bad effect on everyone including us. But we have a solid business which should stand the test. Being a family firm helps as there are always people to call on to help out when needed. 

Diane and Peter spend most of their summers on their boat, often not going far, which is good as we can call them back if we need them :-) 

Some of the aches and pains for Peter have been caused by his hip. One was replaced a few years ago but the other started playing up and the op was scheduled for February 2014. Due to his heart problems, it was agreed the op would be under epidural to put less strain on his heart. The op went well, he quite enjoyed it, chatting to the staff in the theatre. 

He was due to be released after a few days, unfortunately he had a heart scare during one night which put back his escape from hospital back. He seemed to recover well and his hip was well enough to managed the stairs, so they let him home. 

Unfortunately the trip up the stairs and coming home put his heart under too much strain which then objected - putting him back in hospital. 

A week later he was in Papworth (original building) having more stents for blocked arteries around the heart. He felt quite at home in Papworth having been in their a few times in the past and quite enjoyed his time in there. 

He was soon back home and fully recovered. His hip took a bit longer than normal to heal and he was using crutches for quite a while. He was well enough to spend all summer on the boat as normal.

It was a scary few months for us which we hope are fully behind us. 

That is the update for 2014 - keep an eye out for more to come.

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