Behind Craft Bits

Craft Bits was started by me [Carole] and my husband quite a long while ago because some of the DKY Market customers were asking for beads for their jumpers and eyes for their teddies. It was called Carole's Crafts then and we still have the web address which now points to the Craft Bits site.

Customers had told us they could only buy the beads & eyes in big packs, which was a waste when they only wanted a few beads or one pair of eyes. So we started by buying some large packs from some of our existing haberdashery suppliers and bagging them up in small packs for the DKY Market stall customers.

A couple of years after DKY went online we decided to bring CB under the CPU Enterprises banner and went online too. Since then the site has grown and grown with much more than just beads and eyes (although they are still our best sellers).

All the booking for CB orders is done by me and picking of orders is done by my husband, with help from our daughter when she is home from University. I usually pack the orders but the final sealing is done by CPU after they have processed the transaction at CPU Office.

Because of the way the above process works, we are not able to send out parcels on the same day as ordering. Any order received up to 6pm on the day before Monday, Wednesday, Friday, will usually be sent on those days (subject to stock). For more about why we only send on 3 days a week please see DKY Delivery Times Explained.

We continue to have the main aim of supplying small amounts whenever possible, we still sell just one pair of eyes and down to packs as small as 5 Pony Beads (depending upon type). Due to requests from customers, we also sell larger packs too now and get our stock from several different wholesalers, New items are being added often and you can keep up to date on the Forum.

Hope this gives you a bit of an insight to Craft Bits.

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