Spelling of Dianne

When we first got our Wool Stall on Peterborough Market we had to think of a name. CPU Enterprises didn't really work. So after a brainstorming session we decided to call it after Diane.

So why is it Dianne's Knitting Yarns with 2 'n's ?

This goes back over 60 years (not giving her age away!) to when she was born. Her father John Magnus went to register the birth with strict instructions on what it was to be - Dianne Mary Magnus. But when he got there the registrar convinced him that Dianne with two n's was not right so he registered it with one n. So the story goes - he got a right clip round the ear from Dianes Mum - Winifred Magnus (Win to friends) - when he got back.

Therefore, in honour of what it should have been, it was decided the stall should be spelt right - with 2 n's.

Chapter One of the CPU Enterprises Story

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Anonymous said...

What a nice story - I hope his ears didn't ring for too long :-)

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